Why paid web hosting is better than free web hosting

Why paid web hosting is better than free web hosting?

Choosing a web hosting there is always a lot of questions to be answered and a number of features to be studied. The first decision you have to make is to choose between free or paid web hosting. Your preference will be explained by the purposes you pursue. For example, free hosting is advised for owning a personal website which doesn’t require a lot of disc space and huge amount of traffic,and in general will not include different options. But what if you want even an ordinary personal home page to look like a worthy qualitative source? Then you should definitely turn to paid web hosting service. In general there is a lot of disadvantages free web hosting is famous for. You are not granted with your own domain name, so your url will include the name of your hosting provider which won’t add much respect to your source. Besides you are not allowed to control your account on your own. Moreover, the very hosting company can conduct any changes to terms and condition without prior notification, or even disable your website from the server because it decided so. Using free web hosting service you are not allowed to upload any files you want to. There are limitations to files types and sizes, so you may not have the possibility of attaching your own programs to your website. Also there is probably no FTP access which means that you can use only the facilities of a web builder and can’t manage your website adding files by means of e-mail or web browser. free web hosting won’t be a proper solution for a business web presence at all which is explained not only by the factors listed above. Free hosts do not provide websites with any contact options so you won’t have the possibility to keep in touch with your clients and it would hardly bring you much success. Besides free hosts are famous for containing advertisement option embodied in different banners and advert windows that pop-up constantly each time your web page opens. This may appear quite annoying and there is no guarantee that a lot of users will stay long at such source.

On the background of free web hosting’s disadvantages paid hosting service seems to be a perfect solution. It guarantees the high up time which always is not less than 99% and thus you will be sure the server is running properly all the time. Paid hosts provide you with an individual domain name so you are able to transfer it easily to another server if you decide to change your web hosting provider. Purchasing paid hosting you have the right to control your account and make necessary changes using any tools you need. You are also lucky to have the possibility to upload any kind of files not much limited by size. Of course, there is no hosting provider which will grant you with unlimited disc space and bandwidth. But the amount of place for storing your data at paid hosts is much bigger than one at free hosting as well as the traffic. Besides, dealing with paid web hosting providers you are assured to get any kind of customer support. Paid hosts are famous for their reliable support system which is ready to serve the clients 24/7.

Before you decide on a certain type of web hosting it is better to find out the company’s reliability and reputation. It can be easily done with the help of users’ feedbacks and opinions, which will make you understand whether the company is worthy or not. But remember the main thing – cheap service is seldom, so if you want your web presence to be worthy you better host it with paid services.