Web Hosting quiz. How to choose

Web Hosting quiz. How to choose?

Web hosting service implies different types so deciding what kind of service to choose you are in need of helpful information. You should study the pros and cons of every hosting type and find the most suitable one. The first thing you should know is that there are two main types of web hosting – free and paid which differ by a number of points. Free web hosting is good for some personal purposes and requires no fees from the user. But this is not the crucial advantage and you should also mind a lot of factors.

Choosing free web hosting you should pay attention to the limitations it has concerning file upload. This include the list of file types which you are allowed to add to your page and also the file size. Pay attention to the amount of disc space and traffic your website is allotted with.

Choosing a Free Web Host

This option means that your website will be supplemented with different advertisements – pop up windows, banners etc. It is up to you to decide whether you like this feature or not. But mind that it is better to found out the information before you start working in order to avoid further problems and resentment.
You should also take into account that free hosting companies should cover the expenses on granting you their free service, and that is the reason your website has these adverts. So free hosts without advertising options are not always reliable as they may soon exhaust themselves.

2) FTP Access.
FTP access means the possibility of uploading the necessary pages via web browser or e-mail. This option will be important for your work when you discover no necessary facilities in the page builder of your hosting company. So be attentive with that.

3) Web space amount
Before start collaborating with a certain web hosting company find out how much space you are allowed to use for your data and is there any possibility to expand the existing space. Of course the amount of space your website may take will depend on the type and quantity of files displayed here (pictures, audio files, videos etc).

4) File limitations
Some of the web hosting providers claim about the restrictions concerning types and sizes of files you may upload to your website. So you better check this option at once in order to work without obstacles then as it may happen further that only certain types of files are allowed and you have no rights to share your own programs via your website.

5) Traffic limitations
A lot of free web hosting providers set a certain limit of the traffic used by your website. This means that the users may visit your website a certain number of times, so when this number occurs beyond the limit your website may be disabled by the hosting provider. This is rather unpleasant option because it is hard to define the right bandwidth, as it depends not only on the number of visitors but also on your website design. So be careful with that.

6) Reputation and reliability.
The last but not the least factor you should mind choosing free web hosting is the hosting provider’s reputation. The way you can get this very information is to read the feedbacks from other customers. Of course it is not the most reliable method but nevertheless worth trying. After all you can just get involved in collaboration and check the company’s reliability yourself as the service is free and you won’t loose your money any way.

Choosing a Commercial Web Host

1) Pricing and payment plan
Before start working with a certain hosting company find out the price you have to pay. And mind that high pricing is not always a guarantee of a good service. Every host provider offers certain payment plan which means that you are to pay for the service monthly or annually. So check this option and decide if it will suit your demands.

2) Traffic/Bandwidth limitations
Every paid hosting provider has to pay for the traffic so that’s why the bandwidth is limited and mind that there is no web host with unlimited bandwidth. This is explained by the fact that the company simply won’t be able to pay for the traffic you use if its amount is extremely huge. You should also take into account that hosting providers which require some pre-payment for expected traffic are suspicious as it is hard to know when you exceed the allowed amount.

3) Uptime guarantee
It is better to work with the hosting companies which functionality guarantee reaches not less than 99%. In case your hosting provider grants less than 99% of the uptime it should provide a refund or a discount. Be attentive with this factor and make sure your host server runs properly all the time.

4) Disc space
As it happens with traffic limitations there are no hosting providers with limited disc space as well. Every company has the limited amount of disc space it can grant you. So be aware of the providers that offer you some enormous space for your data as they may simply try to attract you to host there.

5) FTP, PHP, CGI bin access
Spending money on the host you should be guaranteed such options. It is better to have the possibility of installing the scripts without provider’s approval as it will save your time so mind it.

6) Customers support
As different obstacles and questions may appear while working with your website it is important for your web hosting provider to have 24/7 support. Make sure the company really provides its customers with necessary helpful support system – ask other users’ opinion, write a support request to the provider and see how soon and effective they will respond, etc. You probably don’t want to deal with company that can’t help you with your problems although it is liable for that.