Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting service is known by the variety of its types. Each of them has its key features and its pros and cons. Before deciding on a certain type of web hosting let’s investigate what each of these types represent.

1) Shared web hosting. This kind of hosting service is the most common and means that you share the server with many other customers of your hosting provider. But you are allowed to control and manage your website via the control panel.This type of hosting is not free and it cost is predefined by a number of clients of the server. Before purchasing this kind of web hosting check the terms and conditions in order to learn the restrictions concerning files and scripts you are allowed to use.

The main advantage of shared web hosting is the price as it tends to be rather affordable, so shared web hosting is always considered to be the cheapest type. But it is also known by its cons,e.g. you may not be allowed to use certain plugins and software so it will limit your activity somehow. Also the high uptime of your source is not guaranteed as you share the server with a number of clients who may appear unreliable and cause problems in a process of work.

2) Dedicated web hosting. Unlike shared web hosting dedicated type does not imply sharing server with other users. You are allowed to host one or several websites with full access to all the resources of the server. Dedicated web hosting will be a perfect solution for high-traffic websites which also require a lot of disc space. Another advantage is that dedicated hosting allows high uptime level and custom web applications. But this kind of service is characterized by high pricing and so is considered to be quite expensive. You should also be required to have some special knowledge to work with your website hosting on dedicated server as you are to control your source on your own. The hosting company can only cope with the software that causes problems but will not deal with setup. So you are the one to carry out the functions of the website administrator.

3) Managed web hosting. This type of web hosting is a kind of upgraded dedicated model. As with the dedicated type you can fully control your website and use all te necessary tools and facilities. But unlike dedicated hosting which is characterized by the difficulties of administrating and operating, managed web hosting is provided with setup, software and system administration updates and other useful services which will ease your work. Managed hosting provides its users with necessary support concerning software and hardware matters. But not only advantages are the features of managed web hosting, it also has its drawbacks. This kind of service is more expensive than the dedicated type and includes some setup fee. In case you don’t have administrator’s experience and need help in installing some software or dealing with setup, you should spend some money on this kind of service which will increase your expenses.

4) Resellers web hosting. The type of resellers web hosting is good for those who are eager to create some e-commerce web presence. It allows you to resell the server’s space to other clients. Sometimes you are to pay some fees to the hosting company depending on the amount of service you have sold. But there is another option which implies that there is a set fee for a certain resources you have the right to sell.What is attractive in resellers web hosting is that you can earn some money with it. It allows you to start up your little hosting business and simultaniously manage multiple websites easily. But mind that dealing with resellers hosting you become responsible for supporting your customers including e-mail, phone calls or even live chats. So you have to spend your time working with the clients if you are eager to establish worthy and competitive online business. What about the pricing it should be said that resellers web hosting service is more expensive than sharing one but still tends to be quite affordable.

5) Co-location. This kind of hosting means that you can purchase a server from your hardware provider and supply it to the host then. Co-located web hosting service allows you to have your own server and to manage it according to your demands using all necessary tools. Co-location is known to provide your website with high grade of customization and performance. But co-located hosts are characterized by high expenses – for purchasing and also for some additional support for system management if necessary.

6) Free web hosting. Probably the easiest way to have your website hosted. It doesn’t require any fees but it also can’t guarantee you the qualitative service, high uptime and reliable support. Besides you have no individual domain name and have no possibility to control your account on your own. Free web hosting may suit your personal purpose, e.g. you want to establish just personal website for your family, friends or occasional visitors. But in case you want to build some business related web presence free web hosting won’t appear a good solution. It has a lot of disc space and bandwidth restrictions, you are not allowed to upload your own programs but only a certain types of files, there is no e-mail option to keep contact with users and so on.