Most popular hosting reviews 2019

The best service in the industry
My website was activated as soon as I finished signing up, I immediately received emails with detailed instructions on how to begin setting up my site. I had some issues with my ftp application and tech support solved the problem right away. I never had better service at any other web hosting company.

A great choice especially for businesses
Outstanding support that have been mentioned here more than once, reliability, perfect reputation make InMotion Hosting the best choice. Besides web hosting you can get other services your business can need, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers, website design services and even a domain name reservation. To my mind it’s the right place for my business website.

It’s terrible! I had this 2 hours outage and they kept telling me it was my ISP problem. But it wasn’t! I’ve pinged online friends from around the world, no one could reach my site. I told this to support and they once again said it was ISP problem not their.

Fine hosting company
I’m with BlueHost for almost a year. It’s fine most of the time, though there are outages every now and then. It seems like my site is up only 90% of the time. I wish they at least notify the outages.

Great for personal website
I signed up my personal photo website for my family with them. The price is low and the service is very good. And best of all you get your first domain free! I am also impressed with the unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth that is offered when needed. Their customer service is very friendly and helped me setup. I would definitely recommend them.

Excellent webhost
I am using webhostingpad for past 5 months & I’m quite satisfied with their service. I used to host my website with free hosting providers which give limited space & bandwidth. Of course I had problems with their uptime, so I decided to shift to paid hosting. I’m totally happy now. Whenever I have some problems, their online customer support is always there to help me. Till now I am very much satisfied with their uptime.


Hostmonster customer
I have 4 sites with Hostmonster. I have referred 3 other people to them. I won’t describe the features here, they are wonderful. What I like best about Hostmonster is that I can talk to someone and know for sure that someone is taking care of the problem. I have no complaints when it comes to this hosting company, they are awesome.

The best support I ever dealt with

I have been with Hostmonster for over a year or so. I just registered my second domain with them. What I really like about them is not their low price which is awesome of course, but their customer support. One of their tech supporters helped me set up a subdomain. He logged into my account and did it for me after walking me though it a few times and I couldn’t get it. They are really fast and have the best staff. Their email service isn’t the most reliable though. That’s the only minus I see. It’s really affordable hosting with a lot of features.
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More than satisfactory
I’m using Globat for a year. And I found this hosting provider to give more than a satisfactory package. In fact you get much more than you can possibly need. Anyone can get what he needs here, I’m pretty sure.

Great webhost
The servers run nice and fast, statistics are good. I hardly ever experienced a major downtime. I run a high traffic software website. I used to pay almost twice what I now pay at Globat. Globat has fast servers, assured up-time, very reasonable prices, loads of useful features, and great support. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Not great
I was a newbie in web design when I started with Yahoo Small Business webhosting, and their SiteBuilder tool really helped me out. However, I was surprised to get such awful service in addition. Constant MySQL server outages, DNS problems, unexplained stoppage of subdomains functioning and simply bad tech support.

They used to be good
I’ve been happy with Yahoo’s Small Business hosting. Started getting discrete FTP upload problems some time ago. There are no error messages in my FTP programs, but the site would not update. Even using the web interface, the files would not update. I never got a reply from support, though I mailed them more than once. My site was still up, but no way to change content for several days when these problems would occur. I had to change the hosting company…

No customer support at all
Dot5 Hosting is a rather good choice if you are technologically savvy and lucky enough to never ever need to contact them for any possible reason. If you have any questions or billing issues, they are awful. I recently had to hang on the phone for about 3 hours to get a minor issue solved and it seems they won’t help me, they know nothing. And the problem is still there… Is this how all the hosting companies treat their customers?

Very nice hosting so far.
I’ve just signed up and started to use my account. I had a little problem with uploading files, so I’ve connected the support team via live chat, they responded within about 3 minutes and gave me clear instructions. Problem has been solved in minutes. I’ve been really pleased with that level of service. Very professional. I do recommend this hosting company to everyone who needs a cheap and qualitative hosting.

Very unreliable service
I faced several severe issues with Lunarpages during these few years I’ve been using their servers.
1. The tech support was terrible. It’s slow in responding and rarely helpful.
2. Website goes down too frequently.
3. My fried to whom I recommended Lunarpages had his account terminated after 2 months without notice of any kind.
I think it’s not a good webhost at all.

Really great hosting.
I’ve been using Lunarpages servers for two years. I don’t remember my sites ever being down in all that time. Not even once. And customer support is just so very great! They sometimes respond within an hour. Isn’t it what a really good support should be? Their prices are very reasonable. Good uptime and great support, it’s fantastic for such money. Their only drawback to my mind is that their plans don’t allow as many addon domains as some of their competitors do.

GoDaddy is good.
Ive been hosting my website with godaddy for the last few months. Till now I have not faced any uptime problems. The one only thing I do not like is their website not user friendly interface. Aside of that, it’s been a good and pleasant experience so far. Have nothing but good to say about this webhost.

Very good
I have been signed up with GoDaddy hosting for more than 8 months now and I am very satisfied with the service. I had some problems with my account once and it got closed. I contacted the support team and they fixed the problem just fine. I was refunded the entire amount that I paid and they let me create a new shared hosting account. Their customer service is by far the best I ever dealt with. No matter at what time you call, their representatives are there and ready to talk to you. Though, their technical support isn’t that good. I have to say that I have had some technical issues that took ages to be solved. But I think you can not hope for a perfection especially for such a low cost.

Used to be great
I’ve been using their shared hosting for 3 years. I’m now in the process of moving my websites to another posting provider. They used to be a great web host but after they were taken over by Endurance it’s just been downhill. Support became horrible. But the worst thing is speed. It’s way too slow. The site timing out all the time, even Powweb’s site disappearing all at once or taking a long time to load. Not a single problem have been solved. Over the past year,I’ve seen my traffic decrease.

Nothing but go
I would highly recommend Powweb to everyone. I have nothing but good to say about them. Their uptime is great. I had only one downtime for about an hour. I know things like this happen with every webhost, and that outage wasn’t too critical for me. I once screwed something up, emailed the support team and asked for help. They fixed the problem in no time. All I can say is that I am going to stay with my dedicatid hosting at PowWeb for a long time.